Performer is a call center management software created 15 years ago by PGS Progisoftware.

Used in several countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Jakarta, Lebanon, Morocco, Philippines, Romania, Singapore or Tunisia, Performer proved its capabilities to process all types of campaigns.

Here is a short overview of the main characteristics :

– Intuitive processes and interfaces,

– Inbound or outbound campaigns,

– Powerful and easy script generator enabling simples and complexes campaigns including sms, fax, mail, email, appointment management with cartography, voice recording, your specific Visual Basic scripts,

– Easy and flexible databases administration,

– Comprehensive real time statistical dashboard and tools,

– CTI and/or Predictive coupled with existing Pabx ( Avaya, Ericsson, Alcatel),

– Web Call Back, incoming email management, Web Access module,

– Complete built-in management tools,


One of the greatest assets of Performer is its capability to create scripts with exceptional simplicity and flexibility.

The script appears as a succession of screens, that can be set up with no programming at all. This series of screens will flow, either according to the menu option selected by the agent, according to the data present in the database, or the data selected in preceding screens.

The agent screens are totally customizable, and there is absolutely no limit of how they can be organized. Within the script, and thanks to the built-in word processor designed by the supervisor, the agent will be able to launch :

– internal modules (Mail, E-mail sending, fax, Knowledgebase, etc)

– external applications (windows applications, web pages via the workstation’s browser, etc)

Furthermore, VisualBasic scripts can be executed from any screen of the campaign script, providing a powerful and unlimited way to interface Performer with other Windows applications, using the Visual basic programming language.

Remarks :

– No word processor license purchase required.

– No e-mail manager license purchase required – Performer interacts directly with the messaging server (smtp and pop3)

Client Server Modeta-1

Reliable and secure processing of vast amounts of data is made possible by client / server database handling. Extended Systems’ Advantage Database Server (ADS) data engine allows Performer to work in client / server mode.

This data engine also presents the advantage of being extremely simple to install, requiring no particular administration.


With the help of Performer, you can create a database architecture adapted to your type of campaign, within minutes.

Several databases can be linked to each other, accessed for research or reporting purposes and created or modified directly from Performer.

Each input zone or field can be associated with controls and input configurations, helping to reduce errors in inputting data. With the “Historical” function, you can easily follow contact histories for individual customers and personalize reports according to your needs.

Data import/export wizard

Performer integrates a powerful import/export module. It allows you to import and update databases, as well as extract data in different formats to be used in external applications.

The exported datas can be sent by email, stored on an FTP server.


agenthappy1With Performer’s statistical module, there are numerous possibilities to visualize the results of your campaigns and the performance of your agents.

According to your choices and requests, a graphic representation is displayed, which is both, easy to print or transmit electronically to clients or administrators.

In addition, a synthetic graphical dashboard shows on a unique window all the needed information for an effective follow-up.

Performer provides access to two types of statistic.

– The first allows to track the progress of a campaign as it happens,

– The second gives access to a global analysis for long-term planning,

The administrator has access to all call statistics in real-time and can immediately react in case of global or individual performance drop.

Performer also manages the quantitative goals of each campaign (contact rate, agreement rate, break time). Between calls, each agent has access to these statistics, enabling them to visualize their own results in comparison with the rest of the team’s. Codes can easily be associated to each quantitative goal allowing agents to measure their actual results.

CTI and Predictive

Thanks to its open architecture, it is easy to integrate Performer with CTI and Predictive Dialing technologies. This allows greater efficiency, better return on investment and better working environment.

Performer can be coupled with an Avaya, Ericsson or Alcatel PABX for Computer / Telephony Integration (CTI) functions.The architecture used is based on Novell TSAPI.

On inbound campaigns, Performer ‘s capabilities include:

– Automatic script launch

– Automatic Client record popup, using caller phone number

– Intelligent call routing

– Malicious call filtering

On outbound campaigns, Performer ‘s capabilities include:

– Automatic dialing

– Predictive dialing with its over-dialing capability, adjusts itself with no delay, to the DNA (Does Not Answer) rate and avoids repeated delays for agents, thus increasing talk-time per hour.


Performer includes all the security features necessary to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to access data. A confidential password is required for users to logon. This password determines the rights of the user. With Performer, it is easy to personalize the security levels of users. First of all, define the security level required for each functionality, then associate an access level with each user.

Web Callback

With the WebCallBack module, you can add a “Call me back” button on any Web page, which is linked to Performer to trigger an automatic call back of the web user. This module is optional.

Web Access

The WebAccess module gives access to selected Performer data via the Web, in particular to those related to the appointment process. It also allows the access to statistics. This module is optional.

Incoming email process

This module can be interfaced directly with your existing messaging server (pop3). The incoming emails are stored by performer in order to be processed in the associated campaign.



Microsoft MapPoint can be driven by Performer. This characteristic is useful for an appointment making campaigns.