Locasyst is the ideal tool to manage your rentings from the estimate to the final invoicing.

Locasyst is an integrated solution, enabling you to manage your customers, products and rentings databases.

Locasyst offers lots of standard reports, which allow you to optimize your production time.

Locasyst is intended for PC microcomputers and supports local area networks. Its design enables it to treat significant files volumes, while preserving powerful response times.

Customers management

Rentings tracking for each customer. In the ‘Renting’ tab, the list of the estimates, reservations, rentings, returns, returns confirmed and delays can be sorted by starting date, return date or each step.

Customers / Providers
Your customers database contains your customers and your providers. An individual or a company can be a customer and/or a provider.

Rebate management
You can define a rebate for each customer and this for each coefficient.The precision and the effectiveness of your exploitation are strongly increased.

Customer Risk
You can specify the customer risk. While in production, this kind of customers are immediately identified.

There is no limit for the number of contacts. Of course, just one of them is the main.

There is no limit for the delivery addresses. You are able to use each off them for reports. The invoicing address is unique.

You can specify a maximum incur for each customer.

Branch of industry
You can define two different branch of industry for each customer and provider.

Providers management
You can immediately see the list of the products, the prices and the quantities available from this provider.

You can define three tariffs for each customer.

Products managementrencontreflou

Stock detail
For each product, you define an internal number, a serial number, a purchase date and a purchase price. You can also specify a selling date, a selling price and a financing mode (property, leasing).

Linked documents
You can bind an external document for each product and consult it in production time(visualization of an image or a detailed description of the product for instance).

You can specify the weight, the volume, the consumption and the installation time for each product.

If their is an unavailability, you can specify an equivalent product , for each product.

A complete management of your subcontracting is possible. You can generate purchase orders addressed to your subcontractors, directly from Locasyst.

The dynamic calculation of the availabilities is carried out over three consecutive weeks.

For each product, Locasyst provides you the renting tariff either per date of beginning and end of renting, or the tariff for the number of days of renting.

Three renting tariffs for each product.

Providers management
You can immediately see the providers list, the prices and the quantities available for a product.

Grouped articles
Grouped articles management. A complex batch of devices can be unstocked with only one data entry.

Renting management

Beginning and end of renting dates management, departure and return of the devices, beginning and end of service, devices resumption.

For a renting, you can immediately visualize the availabilities of the whole renting, a product or a unit.

Locasyst ensure a serial number management for each renting.

Price calculation
Entirely automated pricing management.
5 different renting coefficients.
Insurance management.

You can send your quotes directly by email.

Management of the internal references and customers by business.
Guarantee management.
Multiple delivery addresses management.
Automatic weight, volume, consumption, total amount of rented devices and installation time calculation.

Weekly planning view : departure and return listing.